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Since establishing the company in 2012 we have grown along with the electronic cigarette industry to become one of the leaders in the market.

For MTL Mouth to Lung Vapers we bring you:

Vampire Vape – 14 Great Flavours.

Both brands are available in 3mg 6mg 12mg or 18mg at the great price of £3.95 each of 4 for only £9.96


Short Fill E Liquid from Your Favourite Premium Brands

For Clouding Direct to Lung Vapers we bring you:

Some of the best brands available at very competitive prices,

UK Made brands:

Pick n Mix, Nirdz, Vape Monster, Fruitilicious, Moo Shakes, Dinner Lady, Ken & Kerry’s Ice Cream, Sub Zero Menthol, The King of Vapes, Trillions, Mutant Vape, Dough Bros, Bubble Monster, The Pop Co.

USA Made brands:

Loaded, Keep it 100, Candy Shop, Mad Hatter, Puff Labs, Zonk, Clown, Fruit Freeze, Cutwood, Breakfast Classics,

Malaysian Made brands:

Fantasi, Horny Flava, Lacozade, Frooti Tooti

Shortfill E-Liquids are a way for manufacturers to supply consumers with larger quantities of e liquid without adhering to the EU’s TPD rules that came into effect in May 2017. These larger bottles of e liquids do not contain nicotine, so can be sold in bottles larger than 10ml and often come in sizes up to 200ml.

The name “Short Fill” comes from the way that manufacturers fill the bottles of eliquid within EU countries. Typically, a 100ml bottle will be filled 80% – to 80ml, which would allow for 20ml of nicotine to be added. At 18mg strength, this 20ml of nicotine would turn the 80ml juice into a 100ml bottle of e-liquid at 3mg total nicotine strength.

The TPD regulations require no nicotine be included in the larger bottles, so they’re supplied in 0mg nicotine strength and you can purchase nicotine shots separately. These nicotine shots are 10ml bottles that come in 18mg strength & when mixed with your larger bottle of nicotine will dilute and turn your 0mg nicotine e liquid into 3mg or stronger, depending on what you require.

For example, if you have a 50ml bottle of e liquid and want to turn this 0mg into 3mg strength, you’ll need to only add one 10ml/18mg strength nicotine booster to this 50ml bottle. For 100ml, you would need 2 of these & 200ml you would require 4 of these. For 6mg, you would need to double these amounts.

Please be aware, however, with 6mg strength juices may dilute the flavour of your juice.

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