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Welcome to the Premier Evape frequently asked questions. Here you can find lots of useful information and no nonsense facts about evaping and using electronic cigarettes.

Is vaping harmful?

Studies have proven that it’s far safer than smoking cigarettes, however any long term effects are still unknown as although it’s been around since the 1960s it’s still relatively new.

How long has vaping been around?

Vaping first appeared in the 1960s in China, where it was a table top device called a Ruyan (trans. Little Smoke). Since then the practice found its way to the US around 2005, where it has become increasingly popular and more recently to the UK.

Is second hand vapour as dangerous as second hand smoke?

Absolutely not. Studies by French scientists discovered that on average vapour dissipates within 11 seconds, while cigarette smoke hangs around for about 20 minutes.

Does it contain tobacco?


Is it safer than smoking?

According to scientists from the Boston University of Public Health, vaping is a far safer alternative.

I can tell if my wife has been smoking as I can smell it. Will the same apply to vaping?

Its unlikely as there are no bad smells with vaping as the vapour is odourless, nor will you be able to smell it on her breath and gone will be the cigarette burns and the smelly ashtrays into the bargain.

Is it cheaper than cigarettes?

It is most definitely cheaper, the cost of a PremierEvape is about £20.00, savings you £160.00 a month compared to smoking 20 a day. Use our calculator here see how much you would save

What maintenance is required?

The majority of vape pens are 'built' of perishable items that need changing over time. These parts are; the battery, the tank, an atomizer/coil and of course the eliquid.

What’s in the E-liquid?

A combination of PG (propylene glycol) and/or VG (vegetable glycerine) with natural or artificial flavours and nicotine.

What percentage of nicotine is in the E-liquid you sell?

This ranges from 0mg/ml to 24mg/ml.

Does this mean that 24% of the liquid is nicotine?

No, there is a quirk in our weights and measures system, the percentage of nicotine is more like 2.4%

What strength nicotine do I need?

As a guide it is suggested to start at 24mg/ml if you used to smoke 20 a day. If you only smoked 5-10 per day it is suggested you start on the 11mg/ml nicotine strength.

I’ve heard that E-cigarettes contain anti-freeze. Is this true?

Actually it is, PG is sometimes added to anti-freeze, BUT it is added to make it LESS harmful in case it’s swallowed and PG is approved by the EU as safe for human consumption.

Can vaping nicotine also cause cancer?

Nicotine is addictive, we all know that, but in a normal cigarette tar is created when it burns and it’s this tar that contains the harmful chemicals, which in turn contain at least 70 known carcinogens. The chemicals are carcinogenic not the nicotine.

If I switch to vaping, will I get rid of my smokers cough?

Obviously we can’t say yes for definite, however a team of independent university researchers established that 91% of smokers who switched enjoyed better health and 97% had reduced or entirely got rid of chronic coughs.

What’s the shelf life of E-liquid?

Unopened liquid will last around 2 years, whereas an opened bottle with its top screwed back on with last 8-12 months, or if you’ve lost the top keep it in the fridge as that will prolong its life.

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